We, on death row, video documentary and photographic exhibition by Oliviero Toscani featuring US death row inmates (January 2000);

The Orphan, a Toscani documentary featuring a self-confessed parricide (March 2002);

A different Request - A Last Request, a short film on an execution by Gianni Del Corral (June 2002);

Live from Death Row, a multimedia show by Andrea Molino (November 2002-Nuremberg; April 2003-Milan; July 2003-New York);

La Goccia (The Drop), a film by Marco Lanzafame and Claudia Clemente, starring acclaimed Italian actor Remo Girone, with a surreal take on capital punishment (January 2003);

a Toscani music video clip for the song Nessuno tocchi Caino (Hands off Cain) presented at Italy’s biggest music event, the Sanremo Festival, by well-known singer Enrico Ruggeri and composer Andrea Mirò (March 2003);

Die Easy, PSA on executions produced by Diaviva Films and directed by Massimiliano Napoli (November 2004);

“IN-JUSTICE” a Toscani PSA backing HOC's campaign broadcasted by RAI, the Italian Public Television (November 2004).